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Gas Pump "Stick it to Obama" Notes

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    Obama is doing everything he can to bankrupt this country. One of his many strategies is to strangle our life-giving supply of oil. Obama is hell-bent on blocking drilling and projects like the Keystone pipeline.

    So, here's a fun new way to get back at those numb-skulls who voted for Obama for a second time! 

    Introducing a new gas pump sticky note with this powerful reminder of what Obama means by "Hope and Change"... 

    "When I took office on January 20, 2009, the national average for a gallon of gasoline was only $1.84. Thanks for another four years, America!” - Barry 

    Now, you can purchase a pack of 25 sticky notes with this message from Patriot Depot for only $4.95! Sticky notes are a great way to quickly spread the conservative message with no sticky residue! Buy a pack of 100 sticky notes for just $12.95!


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