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The Noah Option

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     A tsunami of coercion and control floods the nation, wrecking lives and livelihoods. Powerful politicians target two inventors who resist. They fight back with . . . The Noah Option. A brilliant beautiful scientist and a software genius race against insidious opponents trying to destroy the revolutionary crop seeds which can feed the world. A corrupt government traps them in a web of deceit. But resistance is growing on a new internet domain: .ARK. * Why are "coyotes" smuggling Americans out of the country? * What does the crudely scrawled graffiti "2 X 2" mean? * What is the secret hidden in plain sight? Connect the dots. They lead to . . . THE NOAH OPTION.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLS EVERYTHING

    Find out how two people resist in the suspense novel “The Noah Option.” by Michael McCarthy 

    • Why is the brilliant botanist Dr. Grace Washington put in jail for inventing the solution to world hunger?
    • What is the mysterious new internet domain “.ARK?”
    • What does the graffiti “2 by 2” mean?
    • Why are smugglers of illegal aliens now smuggling Americans out of the country?

    “A frightening look at what America could look like after the next four years.”

    “Christian characters who draw strength from their faith when their own government turns against them.” 

    “Ayn Rand lite!”  ~ Don Smith on talk radio:

    “It took until page 2 to become totally immersed.” ~ Susan Cannon, Brevard NC 

    “Once I got a feel for the characters I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next!  At halfway through, I was so hooked I’d stay up later every night.” ~ Angelique Smith, Camden SC 

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