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Weapons of A.S.S. Destruction

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     93% OFF!

    Liberals are all about love. They love poor people… as long as they stay poor.

    They love choice… as long as it’s not in education, energy, healthcare, or commerce.

    They love rights… as long as we’re not talking about the rights of the unborn. They love black people… as long as they stay on the Democrat plantation.

    So they just love Alfonzo Rachel:

    “Zo is a certified pre-owned house negro, AKA black republican. Go ahead—take a stick and poke him.”  –TheeRyan1, YouTube

    “I would say u sound like you know what your talking about but listening to you lets me no you dont have a clue.”–40247, YouTube

    “I was not amused.”–Charles Blow, NY Times

    Weapon of A.S.S. (American Socialist States) Destruction obliterates liberal lies -- from the so-called “party switch” to the money-grubbing self-righteousness of the green movement. Poverty pimps, Afrocentrics, RINOs, Demon-crats, whatevuh... All of you jive turkeys better watch out! ’Cause Zo’s about to drop some truth bombs up in here!


    Alfonzo is my new favorite Republican.–Ann Coulter, social/political commentator

    Alfonzo represents the rugged individualism this country was founded on. Every time I watch one of his videos I want to stand up and salute. I see in him the same stuff the founding fathers are made of. He’s one of the most multi-talented, multifaceted, and one of the bravest bastards I know.–Andrew Breitbart, late political maverick

    Zo’s distillations are breathtaking and so funny… I was stunned for hours by the most provocative, riveting and cohesive social statements I’ve read in the last twenty years. Zo touched, in some way… everything… with such focus and force… I laughed so hard on the plane people thought I was crazy!–Dwight Schultz, Actor: A-Team, Star Trek

    Zo has powerful things to say, and he says them in such a straightforward, honest, and truthful way that the sound you hear ringing in your ears is simply the ring of truth, clearly and bravely uttered.–Bill Whittle, social/political commentator

    Zo’s message is always creative, inspirational, informative, and entertaining. Whether he’s singing it, preaching it, or just telling it like it is, he’s not only “right” but right on time. We’re blessed to have him on our side.Al Sonja Schmidt, former writer for In Living Color

    What’s always fascinated me about Zo is the fact that he’s funny without ever making jokes. Most of the time he’s just disassembling the opposition with a sort of good-natured logic. I don’t even know why it’s amusing, but it is. Maybe because the left’s reasoning is so silly that, when Zo exposes it, its natural absurdity comes out. In any case, the guy is just a pleasure to spend time with.–Andrew Klavan, best-selling author

    Paperback, 186 pages
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    Liberal Hypocrisy: The Devil Made Dem Do It?

    Why do Democrats act the way they do? Why are they always lying and accusing people of doing the things that they do so shamelessly? Did the Devil make them do it? Zo let's you know. For more, go to
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