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The 1896 Prophecies: 10 Predictions of America's Last Days

Written 127 years ago, Ingersoll Lockwood's prophetic work is coming true with startling accuracy. When I first picked up his dusty old book, I was stunned. It was as if I was reading today's news. Get this... even a President like President Trump is predicted! You won't believe it until you read it for yourself.

A 127-year-old prophecy warns of America’s last days should socialist philosophies be permitted, with modern-day commentary showing the parallels with current events.

Regardless of the label they are given––Liberal, Leftist, Communist, Socialist, Anarchist, Progressive, Democrat––our great nation has been fighting their anti-American philosophies for a very long time.

If we intend to win the battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of our country’s citizens, we must take heed of the somber and prophetic warnings found in the original work written by Ingersoll Lockwood in 1896. As you read Ingersoll Lockwood’s cautionary tale, 1900 or The Last President, you may be surprised by the parallels of many situations you’ll have read in recent headlines. Record inflation, domestic terrorists rioting in the streets, cronyism, and even threatening to pack the Supreme Court with their own are all prophecies Lockwood saw coming should the Leftists win.


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Rated 4.8 Stars on ShopperApproved

I am very pleased with Patriot Depot. Their customer service is top-notch. The products they offer are awesome, and I am very happy to support them when I have some extra money to spend.


It has everything that I love. Boils down to the love of the USA! Now we need items supporting the "freedom convoy". Hey maybe these items are already made and I just haven't seen them.


The Patriot Depot can be trusted to provide quality products. Their sales are great. They always deliver on time and provide a way to track your delivery. It is entertaining to just visit their product website.

Anonymous Review

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About Patriot Depot And Our Conservative Values

There's many conservative stores out there. What makes us different? Patriot Depot was established in 2007, making us one of the oldest conservative companies in America, and one of the largest online retailers for conservatives and Republicans.

Since 2007 we've been serving this country by providing conservative consumers with high quality products. Our company believes that conservative values, and conservatives as a whole, are under attack in America by the globalist regime.

We believe that if more conservative companies don't start speaking out, it's only a matter of time before liberals and democrats run this country into the ground. We believe in individual rights and freedoms, and unfortunately, Republicans and conservatives are the only people really willing to fight for these values nowadays.

We know that many of our customers feel the same, and want to support brands that align with their conservative values. That's why we started Patriot Depot - the one stop shop for conservatives and Republicans alike, who want to spend their hard earned money supporting American brands and companies, not destroying them.

Every product on our store has been thoroughly vetted to be of the highest quality possible, so you can rest assured that with every purchase, not only are you getting what you pay for, but you're supporting hard working American stores and brands in the process.