.308 Caliber Bullet Keychain Bottle Opener

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Is there a more awesome and manly way to open a beer than with a real U.S. Military surplus .308 caliber rifle round?  I think not.  (Don't worry, these rounds have already been fired and have no explosive-ability left in them.)

Instantly adds awesome manliness to your keychain.  Great stocking stuffer!

Real Bullet™ brand ‘dummy’ or ‘decommissioned’ bullets are made from real bullet components but do not contain gun powder or an active primer. Real Bullet items are SAFE, they will not explode and cannot be used in a firearm.  Real Bullet™ items resemble live ammunition, so be aware and do not take them where live ammunition would not be permitted (school, airplane, etc).   Some real bullet designs may contain sealed lead components, therefore we do not recommend use by children 12 years and younger.