“Our goal at Patriot Depot is to promote the conservative, free market, and pro-family ideals that are necessary to a free and moral society.”




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Our Story


In the 14+ years that Patriot Depot has been in business, we’ve drawn some attention from around the internet. From Fox News interviews to liberal media hit pieces, it’s possible this is not the first time you’ve heard the name “Patriot Depot”. Even so, we were generally under the radar until our “The Shady Bunch” video went viral on YouTube in 2019. (check out the video and shirt here). 

Patriot Depot was started by patriots who KNEW there were other people in the world who wanted to wear shirts and drink from whiskey glasses that firmly stated their conservative values. After all, Patriot Depot’s mission statement is: 

“Our goal at Patriot Depot is to promote the conservative, free market, and pro-family ideals that are necessary to a free and moral society.”

The Patriot Depot supplies conservative products to folks like us and folks like you so we can all know we’re not alone in our beliefs. For example, it’s pretty obvious you’re not evil for voting a Republican if there are tens of thousands of Trump whiskey glasses floating around out there, being sipped on by law-abiding, live-and-let-live U.S. citizens. To date, we have well over 100,000 customers (with well over 500,000 orders fulfilled), who on average have rated their shopping experience with us at 4.8 stars.

We actually design most of our own products. Every t-shirt is printed by hand in Georgia, USA. Every potential product is deliberated and tested in Arizona, USA. Using the power of the internet, we get our message out there to millions of conservatives per month. Ideally, we would have every patriot in the United States toasting with one of our bullet-embedded whiskey glasses (yeah, we really have those).


Real People


At the time this about page was written, Patriot Depot housed a lean, mean team of 17 conservative patriots. Completely annihilating the stereotypes of who a “conservative” is, Patriot Depot employees range from under 20 to over 60 years old!

Just like you do sometimes with friends, buddies, and family, sometimes our meetings get off track and we’ll talk about how nonsensical the liberals have been lately. Many, possibly most, of us are gun owners. We hope you exercise your liberties in a similar fashion!

Most historically shocking, we were all there dumping tea into the Boston Harbor (okay not really, but maybe in our dreams).


What We Stand For


  • One nation, under God.

  • The FLAG, of course.

  • We respect our nation’s veterans.

  • The 2nd Amendment - arming ourselves is the original failsafe to protect us from tyranny, whether China’s government or our own.

  • Don’t defund our police, defend them from the progressive attacks.

  • We generally vote Republican or Libertarian. 

  • We believe in the U.S. Constitution and don’t believe that our free speech should be limited to saying gender doesn’t exist because “the times are changing”. 

  • We celebrate the crap out of the 4th of July whether Biden or any other president says we can or not.

  • Donald Trump was, in fact, “Our President”. Not only that, he made it through two impeachments to prove it.



Greatest Hits


Hi, we’re Patriot Depot. Patriot Depot’s been around since 2007, but we wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t heard of us until more recently. In fact, a lot of people hadn’t heard of us until September of 2019, when one of our products and accompanying parody tune went viral.


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As you may have been able to guess, we at Patriot Depot are Americans. Americans with values. We love our country, we stand for the National Anthem, we support our military, we said the Pledge before school, we don't want communism (even if you call it socialism), we don't want men in women's restrooms. If this sounds like you, we hope you'll shop with us. 

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Contact us here. Also, we're constantly looking for new products to serve our customers, please feel free to submit your ideas here! If we use your idea, we'll send you a few copies of your product for free!