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Patriot Depot has been around since 2007, and since then we've been honing our craft - and printing the shirts in the USA individually for your every order - right here in the USA! From the most inspiring patriotic shirts, to hilarious Conservative humor t-shirts, to the funniest Donald Trump shirts (sure to annoy liberals), it's worth looking through our huge selection to see which is the "perfect fit" for you!

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Meowica T-Shirt


Important points to consider: 1. It’s a paw-sibility that this USA flag, aviator-wearing cat is the most purr-fectly refreshing thing I’ve seen in 2020. 2. This feline’s favorite mew-sic is the Star Spangled Banner, played on repeat...

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Creepy Joe Shirt


Take cover America, Creepy Joe is back! And no, the liberals won’t be there to stand up for the women this time. When the left says they stand behind “all women” they mean “all women unless it makes someone in our party look bad,...

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