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Patriot Depot offers one of the largest selections of conservative, patriotic, pro-Gun, pro-Trump, and Second Amendment t-shirts. We also carry a large selection of shirts featuring popular messages such as Molon Labe, Don't Tread on Me, Come and Take It, and more!

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FedUp T-Shirt


No matter what you're fed up with, you can find it here! You're sure to catch eyes with this logo, whether it's because it's recognizable enough to notice, or because it's just off enough to look unique (and avoid copyright infringement). Whether you're...

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Got Ammo? T-Shirt

$19.95 $12.95

A spin-off of the famous "got milk?" advertising campaign, this shirt has a much more important question to ask: "got ammo?"  In recent days, most people's answer to that question is a disappointing "no". With the Department of Homeland Security...

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