Anti-Democrat T-Shirts

He's Sleepy!

He's Creepy!

He's... You guessed it... Joe Biden!

Get your hilarious anti-Joe Biden and anti-Democrat shirts here to show the silly Democrats how silly their choice for nominee is. Patriot Depot: your home for politically incorrect shirts!

No Fans Left T-Shirt

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If the NFL allows the disrespect of our National Anthem and our veterans, NFL is going to stand for No Fans Left instead of the National Football League. Their numbers are already falling, but let's make them hear the message loud and clear by showing...

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Resist T-Shirt


A Democrat politician famously said, “never let a crisis go to waste.” Boy, did this pandemic really see them put their shoulder into that old axiom. From mask mandates to business shutdowns, from church closings to schools shuttered, there...

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Anti-Faucist T-Shirt


He fought President Trump on closing down flights from China. When others were warning the world there was a potential risk of a pandemic, he was saying not to worry. He flip-flopped for months on masks: first they weren't necessary, then they were the...

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