“Don’t Tread On Me” Meaning: Read the History of the Gadsden Flag

Posted by Patriot Depot on 26th Aug 2020

"I observed on one of the drums belonging to the marines now raising, there was painted a Rattle-Snake, with this modest motto under it, 'Don't tread on me.'" - Benjamin Franklin in an anonymous letter in the Pennsylvania Journal “Don’t Tread On Me” means, to United States patriots, unified resistance to oppression of liberties: oppression both by one’s own government and by foreign powers. It began as an early symbol of defiance to the tyrannical King George and the British government d
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The True Meaning Of The 2nd Amendment (Some Conservatives Don’t Even Know)

Posted by Tyler Braun on 16th Jun 2020

Criticisms of the second amendment are widespread and easily found. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty.“When they say “arms”, the founding fathers were talking about single shot muskets!”or“The founding fathers couldn’t imagine what military weaponry could exist today!”or“The second amendment only applies to militias, and we already have one, the National Guard!”It’s time to debunk these poorly-formed arguments supporting gun control.Sure, for someone who knows little about guns and hasn’t actually re
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​Funniest Trump Gifts of 2020 | Patriot Depot

Posted by Tyler Braun on 26th May 2020

The real problem in 2020? Liberals taking things way too seriously. Every little problem deserves its own House bill to redistribute money to people who don’t want to work. Everything Trump says is quoted out of context in a tiresome barrage of fake news. Here at Patriot Depot, we say, “Lighten up a bit!”Here are our picks for top 10 funniest Trump gifts. Share this list with your conservative friends, the ones who have a real sense of humor. Or, share this list with your liberal friends so they
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10 Trump Items to Prepare You for 2020

Posted by Patriot Depot on 21st Feb 2020

Trump 2020 Lapel PinWe will start this list small, in terms of physical size, in addition to price. The Trump 2020 Lapel Pin is the perfectly subtle way to support our president. This pin will go great on your Trump 2020 Hat, or on your Trump 2020 shirt, or on your liberal friends. Trump 2020 Car FlagWhether you’re zooming down the freeway, coasting through open roads, or just on a Sunday drive, this flag will wave beautifully, conveying pride and patriotism. This flag is the perfect addition to
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176,000 People (and Counting) Shared a Photo of Our Shirt

Posted by Ryan Tofil on 19th Feb 2020

176,000 People (and Counting) Shared a Photo of Our Shirt
While the promotions mentioned in this article are no longer active, this product is still available. Use code N3WSU8 for 10% off your entire order!Initially, when we designed a shirt featuring "The Shady Bunch" and posted it for sale at Patriot Depot, nothing too noteworthy happened. We sold some shirts, but nothing out of the ordinary.Maybe a few less than normal for a product’s launch day, actually.Then, a week or so later, something strange started happening. There were more visitors on
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