10 Trump Items to Prepare You for 2020

Posted by Patriot Depot on 21st Feb 2020

Trump 2020 Lapel Pin

We will start this list small, in terms of physical size, in addition to price. The Trump 2020 Lapel Pin is the perfectly subtle way to support our president. This pin will go great on your Trump 2020 Hat, or on your Trump 2020 shirt, or on your liberal friends.

Trump 2020 Car Flag

Whether you’re zooming down the freeway, coasting through open roads, or just on a Sunday drive, this flag will wave beautifully, conveying pride and patriotism.

This flag is the perfect addition to your Trump collection, especially if bumper stickers aren’t your thing.

Trump .45 Caliber Cartridge

It is our best selling item-- of course it made the list! The perfect gift, display, or memorabilia piece, this .45 caliber cartridge exudes American pride, and support to our troops, country, and president. 

This laser-engraved cartridge comes with an tasteful display case, as well a copy of President Trump’s signature, and text reading, “TRUMP 45” or, “TRUMP 2020” if you decide to go with our gold variant.

Trump 2020 Camper Mug

Enjoy this bold and vibrant mug to drink your morning covfefe out of! This mug is a bold reminder of the great things President Trump is doing and how great he’ll do in the years to come. Have any coffee or tea loving conservatives in your life? This mug would make their day!

Trump 2020 30mm Red Shot Glass

These American-made shot glasses are from a real 30mm shell casing, fired by a U.S. Military A-10 Warthog. 

This shot glass is the ultimate statement of American pride, as far as shot glasses go. Trump doesn’t drink, which is why we made this a double, so you can take his for him.

Trump 2020 Glass Mug

This mug is as crystal clear as who the winner of the 2020 election should be! While the answer is obvious, it doesn’t mean you can’t show support! Do so by drinking your beverage of choice out of a mug supporting your president of choice.

Trump 2020 Grill Spatula

You can’t get more patriotic than the Fourth of July, right? And if you aren’t grilling burgers and dogs on this patriotic day, you’re probably not an American. This Independence day, outdo your “patriotic” father-in-law with the ultimate grilling tool: The Trump 2020 Grill Spatula.

Become the grill-master you’ve always known you had the potential for, with the spatula that says it all. This spatula is going to last longer than Trump’s second term--it’s that durable.

The Sequel: Trump 2020 T-Shirt

This Hollywood inspired shirt will have Trump and Star Wars fans in patriotic euphoria, as the futuristic content paired with the retro design is a real winner. This shirt is a fan favorite but don’t worry, there is more in stock!

Trump 2020 “I’ll Be Back” T-Shirt

So Star Wars isn’t your movie? How about Trumpinator? It’s a movie in the works, projected to be released around November of 2020. 

If you’re wearing this shirt, you can say, “Hasta la vista, babies” to those whiny liberals that are jealous of your kick-ass wardrobe.

Limited Edition St. Patrick’s Day Trump 2020 Hat

Nothing screams “I love my country” more than a Trump 2020 hat. Nothing shouts “Don’t pinch me” on St. Patrick’s Day better than a vibrant green hat. Pair the two together and you’ve got the ultimate message to anyone reading this hat: You can’t pinch me, and you can’t "impinch" Trump. 

This is a limited edition hat, only available at Patriot Depot.


Trump 2020 Hat

How could we forget? A hat almost as timeless, and recognizable as, “Make America Great Again”. 

This vibrant, yet simple Trump 2020 hat will show that America has been made great, but now is the time to not only maintain, but to improve the nation united.