176,000 People (and Counting) Shared a Photo of Our Shirt

Posted by Ryan Tofil on 19th Feb 2020

176,000 People (and Counting) Shared a Photo of Our Shirt

While the promotions mentioned in this article are no longer active, this product is still available. Use code N3WSU8 for 10% off your entire order!

Initially, when we designed a shirt featuring "The Shady Bunch" and posted it for sale at Patriot Depot, nothing too noteworthy happened. We sold some shirts, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Maybe a few less than normal for a product’s launch day, actually.

Then, a week or so later, something strange started happening. There were more visitors on our site than we’d ever seen before. And they were all on one page.

This page.

The “Shady Bunch” page.

Incredibly, we were soon seeing more users on that page alone than we had ever had before on the entire site at one time. It only took about a week for it to become our most-viewed product page of all time.

But where did this all come from? Where did it start?

Well, it came from you. It started with you.

This link that was going viral wasn’t shared by us. If it had been, it wouldn’t have spread the way it did.

It started when a few people were browsing our website one weekend and shared a link to our product on their Facebook walls.

A week later, it had been shared by more than 175,000 people. And we’re so, so grateful for each and every one of you.

For a link to a product to be shared like a meme is almost unheard of, but people liked this T-shirt so much that they did it anyway. We couldn’t even keep them in stock.

But don’t worry. To make up for the shipping delay, we’re giving new customers what we’re pretty sure is the most aggressive bargain we’ve ever listed on