'Chilling:' Facebook Hammered for Censoring Story on Marxist BLM Co-Founder's Real Estate Buying Binge

Posted by Grant Atkinson on 22nd Apr 2021

Facebook has once again censored a story from the New York Post for the sole reason that it did not like the content, in perhaps the most blatant overstep yet by the tech giant.On Saturday, the Post published a story detailing the home-buying spree of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors. The outlet reported that the self-proclaimed Marxist has spent $3.2 million on four homes in the last few years and backed up its findings with certifiable evidence.We here at The Western Journal also
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Twitter Suppressed Hunter Biden Story Over 'Hacked Material,' But Is Now Allowing Spread of Police Officers' Personal Info Obtained in Breach

Posted by Isa Cox on 21st Apr 2021

A few years ago, we all knew that Big Tech social media censorship was getting out of hand. While conservatives thrived on social media ahead of the 2016 election, all of that began to change after that culturally pivotal Trump victory as conservatives were increasingly censored, shadowbanned, and outright booted off major platforms.However, any gripe those on the right may have had with the clearly biased tech tyrants of Silicon Valley a few years ago pales in comparison to the double-standards
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The 'Bust Up Big Tech Act' Is Officially Hitting Congress

Posted by Jack Davis on 20th Apr 2021

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri on Monday unveiled his “Bust Up Big Tech Act” to limit the power of companies such as Google and Amazon.Hawley’s focus on technology companies follows the release last week of his “Trust-Busting for the Twenty-First Century Act,” which is designed to break up monopolies in multiple sectors of the economy.In his latest bill, Hawley contends it is unfair when a tech giant, such as Amazon, runs an online marketplace and also sells products there, competing wi
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Twitter Sued by a Second Minor Over Alleged Sex Trafficking on Big Tech Site

Posted by Isa Cox on 16th Apr 2021

Many conservatives have grown wary of Twitter and their biased, censorial practices over the last few years, but the immorality of censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story arguably pales in comparison to what the tech giant is now being accused of allowing to fly on its platform.A lawsuit filed by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation alleges that a second victim of child sexual exploitation who says he was trafficked through the social media giant has joined the First Amendment lawsuit agai
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The Chinese Market or Your Morals? Western Brands Forced to Choose Amid Slave Labor Scandal

Posted by Brett Kershaw on 12th Apr 2021

Western apparel companies H&M, Nike and Adidas are receiving a stream of invective from the Chinese Community Party for making remarks against the forced internment of ethnic minorities in the nation’s Xinjiang province.The foreign companies came face to face with the consequences of anchoring their distribution and manufacturing networks so intently in the cotton-rich region.Late last month, Chinese authorities effectively eliminated H&M from the nation’s leading smartphone applications
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