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Posted by Patriot Depot on 26th May 2020

The real problem in 2021? The "woke" crowd taking things way too seriously. Every little problem deserves all of our attention, even though they themselves aren't doing anything besides whining on social media. Everything Trump says is quoted out of context in a tiresome barrage of fake news. Here at Patriot Depot, we say, “Lighten up a bit!”

Here are our picks for top 11 funniest Trump gifts of 2021. Share this list with your conservative friends, the ones who have a real sense of humor. Or, share this list with your liberal friends so they can cry about how “Our country’s biggest problem is microaggressions!” or whatever they cry about.

#1: Trump shower curtain


Donald Trump Hilarious Shower Curtain Gift Novelty

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?? Even in the shower, Trump looks ready for his next big press release. But instead of saying “You’re a terrible reporter.” He’s saying “Wow, you have great dental hygiene. Everybody knows it.”

I just REALLY hope Trump buys one of these, so he can record a video of him pulling back the corner... and it’s Trump again!

#2: Trump Adhesive Bandages


Trump Band-Aids - Patriot Depot

Did Obama ruin the country? Slap a Trump bandage on the U.S. of A. China giving us trade troubles? The solution is a Trump bandage. Are your liberal friend's feelings hurt? Nothing heals hurt feelings like a Trump bandage.

We're hear to help you Make Ouchies Great Again. Featuring the classic Trump quote "Take two thumbs up and call me in the morning." Frankly, I'm not sure if he said that but it sure makes sense on our Trump bandaids.

#4: Trump 2020 Valentine’s candy hearts


Trump Comical Valentines Candy Hearts Gift Novelty


Are there any better words of endearment for your special one? Or maybe all the special ones at your local rally?

#5: The Magic Trump Ball


Trump Funny Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller Gift Novelty

“Do it. I’ll pay the legal fees.”

Well, that’s settled.

#6: Trump’s Diet Soda Koozie


Funny Trump Diet Soda Beer Koozie

Kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy a tall glass of America.

Nutrition facts:

Freedom: 100% daily value

Liberty: 100% daily value

Liberalism: 0% daily value

Capitalism: 100% daily value

Communism: 0% daily value

‘Merica: 100% daily value

#7: Trump Presidential Playing Cards


Funniest Trump Presidential Playing Cards Gift Novelty

With Trump as the King and the Ace, of course, such as Trump “The Dealmaker” King of Spades! Ha!

Featuring powerhouses like Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Melania, and Ivanka at the Queen spots.

There’s even Kanye West as a 10!

Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden have the rock bottom 2 card, of course.

#8: Trump Friend Request Facebook Logo Shirt


Trump Satirical Facebook Friend Request T-Shirt

While I personally don’t laugh out loud at this, I do think it’s quite funny on a deeper, more clever level...

Democrats try hard to appeal to young voters (who are still broke and inexperienced in the way the world works, so more easily swayed towards their policies) by being “tech-savvy” and “trendy”. With Trump’s massive success on social media platforms, he’s beating the democrats at their own game! What’s funnier than that?!

#9: Guitar playing Donald Shirt


Donald Trump Playing Guitar Shirt Gift

What can I say, I didn’t know he had so much soul.

#10: Trump Family Car Sun Shade


Funny Trump Family Car Sun Shade

If you look closely, Trump and Melanie have a baby on board: crying Hillary!

#11: Donald Trump Garden Gnome


Donald Trump Funny Garden Lawn Gnome Gift Novelty

Your little Garden Guardian to keep the neighborhood liberals out and the patriotism in! 

Hey, get off my lawn!

Which do you think is the funniest Donald Trump gift? Do you have a hilarious product suggestion? Is there someone who might like these for Father's Day, Mother's Day, a birthday, or Christmas? We’d be thrilled if you comment at the end of this post!


“Trump 45” .45 Caliber Cartridge


Trump 45 Cartridge Come and Take It Display Case Gift Novelty Collector

By far the coolest way to display Republican support and support of the 2nd Amendment at the same time.

“Trump 45” Bullet-embedded whiskey glass with Trump’s signature


Trump 45 Whiskey Glass, Bullet-Embedded with Signature Gift Novelty

If Trump drank Whiskey, it’s clear he would drink it out of this. You might as well just pour a double and drink his for him.

Embedded with a real .45 caliber bullet.

The Republican Club Jigsaw Puzzle


The Republican Club Puzzle Featuring US Presidents & Trump

Featuring the Republican legends, including Trump, Lincoln, Reagan, H.W. and W. Bush, Nixon, Ford, Eisenhower, and more.

You just might be able to spot more faces you recognize in the background!

Trump 2020 Sticker


Trump 2020 Bumper Sticker Decal

Bold, proud.

“Trump 2020” 45 Colt Keychain w/ Collector’s Box


Trump 2020 45 Bullet Keychain Gift Novelty Collector

A new version of our most popular product of all time. I can imagine a few fathers might be a fan of this one for a Father's Day gift!

If you have a second, share this list with your friends! Thanks for reading!