Gift Ideas for College Bound Patriots

Posted by Julia DePasquale on 18th Jun 2019

Gift Ideas for College Bound Patriots

As the end of the summer draws near, recent high school graduates are beginning to prepare for their new journeys into college. This offers the perfect opportunity for you to help them cut their shopping lists in half. Browse this list of unique items that they will be sure to love because patriotism will never go out of style!

For the Walls

Regardless of whether your grandchild is moving into a dorm or an apartment, he or she is likely to encounter a lot of blank wall space that they’ll want to decorate. You can help put their mind at ease with these simple yet affordable decorations that are guaranteed to make a statement.

1. Flags

Our products under this category are perfect for filling large walls. Each 3’ by 5’ flag features vivid colors printed on quality lightweight material. You can choose from various designs including The Gadsden Flag, the U.S. Marines, the U.S. Airforce, and even the classic American flag.

2. Signs

If your college-bound patriot needs to fill a smaller space on his or her wall, these products are a must. In addition to adding character to any living space, these signs will serve as a great conversation starter. Your loving grandchild will be eager to discuss the conservative beliefs that you instilled in them with their new fellow classmates!

3. Shotgun Shell Lights

This is the perfect gift for any trendy shotgun-loving grandchild. They can hang this 10-foot long string of lights anywhere in their apartment or dorm, including in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Whether they’re having friends over after class or relaxing after a long night of studying, these unique lights are guaranteed to brighten their mood and bring a smile to their face.

For the Backpack

Forget waiting in line at the college bookstore to purchase the exact same supplies that every other student will carry in their backpacks. Your grandchild will be so excited to add any of these unique products to their collection, and they will definitely put them to good use.

4. Shotshell Power Bank

A portable charger is perfect for any student whose phone is constantly on a low battery, and your grandchild will be sure to carry this with them to show off its sleek design. All he or she needs to do is charge it, throw it in their backpack and head to class. If they are somewhere where they can’t charge their phone, they can simply plug into this reliable Shotshell Power Bank. LOCK AND LOAD!


Chances are your grandchild just began to collect personalized mugs and cups to use in their dorm or apartment. This is the perfect opportunity for you to help them add these patriotic pieces to their growing collection!

6. Of Course I’m RIGHT Mug

Regardless of whether your grandchild is drinking coffee in the morning to try to wake up before class or tea at night to relax before bed, this mug is perfect for any proud, right-wing student.

7. Liberal Tears 40oz. Stainless Bottle

Now your grandchild can carry their own supply of liberal tears around campus with this double-walled 40oz bottle. It’s guaranteed to keep his or her drink piping hot for 12 hours or freezing cold for 24 hours. Not only is the design on this bottle hip and trendy, but it is also guaranteed to turn heads. Everyone will know that they are a proud conservative!

For a Cozy Night In

After a long, busy day of class, your grandchild will be ready to relax and unwind with his or her new close friends. Forget movies and popcorn! Patriot Depot products are perfect for breaking the ice and passing the time during a night in.

8. Constitution Jigsaw Puzzle

What better way to start a conversation with new friends about the Constitution, than while enjoying putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle of the Constitution? Although this jigsaw puzzle may take longer than just one night, your grandchild’s new friends will be eager to come over again the day after to help complete this beautiful piece.

9. American Flag Woven Throw

There is no better way to show patriotism than this woven throw. It will be a perfect addition to your grandchild’s apartment or dorm! It serves as both a decorative piece when displayed on a couch or bed and as a blanket to wrap up in when it’s cold outside. You won’t find another American flag blanket on the market that can compare to this one. Made exclusively for Patriot Depot in the USA, this product features top-notch quality and design. Why not get yourself one, too?