Google Censors Pro-Veteran Ads Citing “Sensitive Events”, Allows Anti-Trump Ads

Posted by Patriot Depot on 11th Feb 2021

Google Censors Pro-Veteran Ads Citing “Sensitive Events”, Allows Anti-Trump Ads

Patriot Depot: Wildly Popular Among Conservatives

Coming up on this November election, Patriot Depot had been wildly popular among conservatives, with over 400,000 people visiting our site in October of 2020.

Patriot Depot is a sister company to the Western Journal, and is a store which has been supplying patriots and conservatives with products made just for them for the past 13 years. We’d humbly ask that you check out our products when you’re done reading this article, but while you’re here let’s look at the evidence of a possible Facebook anti-conservative bias.

Google Blocks "Gifts For Veterans" Ads. The Reason? "Sensitive Events: U.S. Election"

Something interesting happened on November 4th, the day after the election. Google blocked Patriot Depot from showing the majority of their ads, including ads for gifts for veterans, gifts for Republican dads, “Don’t Tread On Me” themed products, and generic patriotic products:

Blocking our ads caused us to lose around three quarters of our revenue from October to November:

The new policy that Google uses to justify blocking these ads reads: “Based on the Sensitive events policy, we will restrict content that references the candidates, the election, or its outcome.” Obviously, the above products and ads did not violate that, and neither did the vast majority of our other 100+ ads and products that were blocked.

Meanwhile, ANTI-Trump Ads Were/Are Still Allowed To Run:

The worrying thing about this, however, is that while Google is blocking these traditional values, they are still allowing anti-Trump ads to run:

This is the same page when we searched “pro-Trump ads”, notice how no ads were allowed to show for this search:

How Can You Help?

First of all, if you saw this article from our link on Twitter, you can tag your state's Republican party, or any other influential conservatives you can think of.

This is a problem. We’re doing what we can to alert people to this possible Google bias. You’re probably wondering, “How can I help?” Well, the easiest way is to see what Google doesn’t want you to see, and also share our site with your friends. Google apparently doesn’t want them to see these products either.

The products Google and Facebook don't want you to see - Big Tech censorship

Think This Is New? Google Has Been Removing Trump & Other Product Ads Since At Least Early 2020

Curiously, even before this new “Sensitive Events: U.S. Election” policy, Patriot Depot’s ads would be mysteriously removed in large quantities, with Google citing their “Election Advertising” policy. Our products are explicitly allowed under this policy, however, so that leaves the question: “Is Google turning a blind eye to employees sabotaging conservative accounts?”

Section 230 And How This Relates To Twitter Censorship of Donald Trump

Google is one of the tech giants protected under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects them from responsibility for content within their network. Google’s network covers around 90% of the search engine market share.

This possible Google bias is related to Twitter’s recent censorship of the stories about Joe Biden’s laptop scandal, a censorship that was so close to the election it prevented many Americans from receiving this news until after they had voted. 

Conclusion And Moving Forward

Giant tech companies like Google and Facebook control the majority of the internet, and because of this they have a grave responsibility to allow Americans to hold the political and religious worldviews they choose. A liberal media bias is old news. A Google liberal bias, and any bias from Google, is simply unacceptable.

If they suppress and censor certain viewpoints, they are effectively alienating the conservatives, Republicans, Christians, and patriots who hold those viewpoints. Alienating us is theoretically good for a liberal ideology, because then it’s easier to sway America to the left’s “trendiest whim”.

We won’t stand for it, you won’t stand for it. Americans only stand for the flag, and stand up to potential big tech tyrants. Check us out on and you’ll see just how popular our conservative products really are, regardless of what Google may want you to believe.