Patriot Depot's 2020 Gift Guide for Conservatives

Posted by Diane Bagby on 19th Nov 2020

No matter what kind of patriots you have on your shopping list this year, we have the gifts they’ll love - all for under $35! We’ve hand picked our top-rated conservative gear to make the annual shopping rush easier. Now that we’ve crossed this off your Christmas to-do list, you can focus on the real reason for the season: celebrating the gift of Christ with the ones you love. Merry Christmas!

Always Working Gift Guide

Conservatives are notoriously hard workers. If you’re shopping for the conservative who lives at their office, here’s the perfect patriotic gear to decorate their desk with and ease the stress of a long workday.

All products in this category are 33% OFF with code: TheChristmasTrump

  1. The Republican Puzzle Cube, $18.95 NOW 33% OFF
  2. Trump .45 Caliber Cartridge (Silver), $12.95 NOW 33% OFF
  3. Mount Rushmore 2024 Desk Clock, $24.95 NOW 33% OFF
  4. “The Donald” Rubber Duck, $15.95 NOW 33% OFF
  5. Trump 45 Camper Mug, $14.95 NOW 33% OFF
  6. Trump 45 Newton’s Cradle, $21.95 NOW 33% OFF

Conservative Gun Enthusiast Gift Guide

Most real Americans know the value of the individual freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights, but not all of us necessarily have an arsenal in our homes.

Whether your special someone has a big enough cache to arm their entire neighborhood or they’re just starting out, we have exactly what the gun-lovers on your list need to make every day feel like range day.

  1. Gun Handle Mug, $14.95 NOW $13.00!
  2. 2nd Amendment Penny, $5.99 NOW $5.00!
  3. Nobody Needs an AR-15? T-Shirt, $19.95
  4. Trump .45 Caliber Cartridge (Silver), $12.95
  5. 2nd Amendment Real Bullet Whiskey Glass, $22.95 NOW $20.00!

Conservative Cook Gift Guide

For many, dinners and holidays are the only times they get to sit down and spend time with the people they love. The chefs behind these meaningful moments deserve the world, but gifting a splash of American pride for the room where the magic happens is more attainable and just as appreciated.Keep their kitchen great with our selection of red, white, and blue cooking gear!

  1. Trump 45 Grill Spatula, $19.95 NOW 33% OFF!
  2. Trump Rubber Spatula - Bon Appétit, $8.95 NOW 33% OFF!
  3. Right to Bear Arms Salad Tongs, $29.97
  4. Recipe for True Patriots Tea Towel, $11.95 NOW 2 for $10! 50% OFF with code: TeaTime2020

Young At Heart Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for someone young or just young at heart, these toys and games guarantee some good old fashioned fun, no iPhone required. Whether they’re into building things, solving mysteries, or just enjoy quality time with friends, we promise you’ll find a boredom-buster they’ll love.

  1. "Desert Falcon" Block Gun, $32.95
  2. Guess That Politician, $24.95 $15.00!
  3. Police: Heroes in Blue Lego-Compatible Building Block Set, $34.95 $30.00!

Military Gift Guide

We’re proud to be the home of the brave, and don’t you think for one second we’ll ever forget who we have to thank for that. This Christmas, recognize their sacrifices with a gift they’ll love! From a shot glass (made right here in America out of a real 30mm shell casing fired by a U.S. Military A-10 Warthog), to a hat that only military personnel will laugh at, you’re guaranteed a bullseye with one of these unique gifts.

*Our Real Bullet glasses are also available as shot and whiskey glasses!

ALL military shirts are 25% OFF!

  1. In This Place Tin Sign, $14.95
  2. Why We Stand Shirt, $19.95 NOW 25% OFF!
  3. P-38 Hat, $5.95
  4. Trump .45 Real Bullet Pint Glass, $24.95
  5. Veterans Before Refugees Hoodie, $29.95
  6. I Stand for the Flag and Kneel at the Cross T-Shirt, $19.95 NOW 25% OFF!