The Official Patriot Depot Christmas 2020 Catalog

11th Dec 2020

Patriot Depot is being censored.

On November 5, 2020, our two biggest advertising channels, Google and Facebook, turned off our ads. Needless to say, this destroyed our Black Friday and Christmas revenue, but we're still here.

While Google did allow our ads to run again starting on December 11, Facebook plans to continue to cripple our advertising efforts until early February, 2020, at least. At least that's what they say, they've already lied to us a few times, first telling us that our ads wouldn't be impacted after the election, then saying we would be down until November 12, then saying December 11 was the new reinstatement date, and now telling us early February.

We've learned that we can't trust Big Tech, so instead of counting on them, we're counting on you.
Patriot Depot is a small business that needs your support this Christmas. 

Lord knows Facebook and Google won't give it to us...