Trump 2020 Election Essentials

Posted by Julia DePasquale on 24th Jun 2019

Trump 2020 Election Essentials

Calling all avid Donald Trump supporters! Now is your chance to put your love for our president on display for all to see. Although the 2020 election is more than a year away, it’s never too early to promote Trump’s campaign and show others that you endorse all of the good that he has done, and will continue to do, for this country. For unique and affordable products regarding the upcoming election, Patriot Depot has you covered.

1. Trump 2020 T-Shirt

Trump 2020 T-Shirt

Perfect for everyday wear, this simple white t-shirt gets the job done in relaying this important message to whomever you may run into: "you can't trump the Trump". 

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2. Donald Trump Socks

Donald Trump Socks

Whether you pair them with dress pants for work or shorts on the weekend, these stylish socks are guaranteed to turn heads and prove that you not only have an eye for fashion, but for the next future President of the United States.

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3. Trump 2020 Camper Mug

Trump 2020 Camper Mug

Our Trump Mugs are the perfect way to put your presidential loyalty on display. It doesn't matter if you're sipping hot tea at home with your friends or drinking freshly brewed coffee at your desk at work, this mug will put everyone else's to shame.

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4. Let Trump Be Trump Bumper Sticker

Let Trump Be Trump Bumper Sticker

You'd be surprised about how beneficial bumper stickers can be in promoting what you believe in. Drivers and passengers alike spend a great amount of time observing their surroundings during a drive. This bumper sticker is guaranteed to grab their attention and remind them of the box that they will be sure to check on their ballots next November.

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5. Trump Presidential Playing Cards

Trump Presidential Playing Cards

Forget the basic Queen of Hearts and Ace of Spades! This unique set is the perfect addition to your game nights with family or friends. While it will most definitely take them by surprise, this deck is the perfect segway into that conversation you've been dying to have about how great our soon-to-be next president is.

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