Born To Lie: From The Birth Certificate to Health Care (FREE PDF Download)

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Five questions President Obama is afraid to answer... All the facts needed to win arguments with Liberals... at your Fingertips Dear President Obama...

Why are you hiding your real birth certificate?

Even if you are an American, are you an American at heart?

Why don't Americans trust you?

Why do you want to take away our freedom in exchange for a false sense of security?

Do you want to play the role of God in our daily lives??

Both Obama and his teleprompter are afraid to answer these questions truthfully. His actions during the last 8 months, however, do not lie. The facts compiled in this book will send a shiver down your spine and give you the ammunition to win arguments with liberal co-workers. Ask them if this is the 'hope and change' they voted for. Timid conservatives will be strengthened.

Born To Lie goes where no other book dares to go. From the missing birth certificate to health care, can America trust her President to tell the truth? What if the first African-American president turned out to be African but not American? Is President Obama even an American citizen? This unanswered question could be put to rest by simply producing Obama's original birth certificate. However, because President Obama has sealed his personal records and refuses to release a certified copy of his original birth certificate, the question continues to be asked. Like all questions that are not properly answered, it will not go away.

In addition to the birth certificate question, there are numerous other issues of transparency and trust that have caused President Obama's credibility with the American public to quickly wane. The authors of Born To Lie are not birthers the label given by Obama's supporters to any and all who question the validity of his citizenship. They are patriotic Americans with legitimate concerns who just want our President to tell the truth about his agenda of change.

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