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9mm Bullet Earplugs


We're always proponents of safety-first, especially when it comes to shooting and firearms. But safety doesn't have to be boring! Whenever you're at the shooting range, you should be wearing proper hearing protection. It's just the smart thing to do...

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Shotgun Shell Shaker

$14.95 $11.99

Add some gun-love to your kitchen with this Shotgun Shell Shaker.  People like us who love guns don't just love the actual firearms.  Anything related to bullets, guns, targets and explosives gets us excited. It's more of a lifestyle than a...

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Bullet Lighter

$9.95 $8.95

Impress your friends with this refillable butane lighter that looks just like a real rifle cartridge!  It's small enough to drop in your pocket and not even notice it's there.  With the press of a thumb, a strong flame emerges from the back end...

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