Bullet Products

"Everything is better if it's Pro-Gun." - John Adams

Ok, maybe John Adams didn't say that. But WE say: "Whiskey glasses sure look cool with a bullet embedded in the side!"

These make a great gift for your avid Pro-2nd Amendment friends, the "Weekend Range Warrior" types, I like to call them... Others call us "gun enthusiasts".

Just check out our reviews; our customers love our engraved "Trump .45" collector's bullets, our 2nd Amendment tumbler (embedded with a real .308 bullet), our 30mm double-shot shot glasses (actually fired from a U.S. Military A-10 Warthog), and now that I think about it pretty much everything you'll find here.

Scroll through our Don't Tread On Me, USA Flag, and Come and Take It bullet novelty products. You won't be disappointed.

Trump .45 Keychain


*This is NOT a live round, it cannot be used in a firearm and is strictly for decorative purposes only.* Our .45 Caliber Cartridge is selling so well, we wanted you to be able to take it on the go! Let there be no mistake made about who's your President...

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Headshot Shot Glass


Why drink from a normal shot glass when you can drink from a skull with a real bullet in it? The Headshot Shot Glass is a great way to show people how tough you are while enjoying your favorite drink! Send liberals running from any occasion when they...

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