Bulletproof Shot Glass

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This shot glass is perfect for anyone who wants to feel bulletproof. There's nothing more badass than downing a shot from a shot glass with a .308 bullet embedded in the side.

These individually handcrafted shot glasses are sure to be the conversation piece of the party. Why drink from a boring old shot glass when you can drink from a work of art like this? Each shot glass is embedded with a REAL .308 bullet, which of course is no longer a live round. 

  • Hand wash only
  • Made completely in the USA

Note: This glass is not actually bulletproof or shatterproof, so please don't try anything stupid with it.  

Also, because this product contains a real bullet, we do not recommend taking it to airports, schools, government buildings, New York City, communist countries, or any other locations generally considered to be unfriendly towards firearms.