By Women, For Women

Fight the good fight and look good doing it.

Our For Women, By Women Collection is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of apparel designs just for us Conservative women, made by the women of the Patriot Depot team! It can be scary to be a Conservative woman in a country that tells us that we don't support women if we don't vote blue. But no matter how they try to manipulate us into voting for them, we know that we vote Republican BECAUSE we support women.

Not only do we support women, but we support babies, business owners, families, and hard-working Americans of all sexes and races. While others try to divide us, we've got to stand together! If you're a Conservative woman and you're proud of it, this collection is for you. Keep in mind: Almost all other shirts on our site are available in women's cuts, because we print them specially for each order, in the USA!

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USA Lips T-Shirt


Looking for a cute and patriotic item to spice up your look? The USA Lips T-Shirt shows your devotion to our great country. And not to mention, showing off your amazing taste in style. Proud, sweet, strong, wild, FREE. American women are a breed all...

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