Every so often, we have to clear out inventory to make room for our newest products.  Which means we sometimes have to heavily discount our existing inventory to move it quickly.  We're talking deep discounts of 35%-80% off.  We've even been known to discount some products down 90% once in a while!

You've come to the right page if you're looking for incredibly cheap prices on patriotic t-shirts and bumper stickers, conservative books and DVD's, gun novelties and more.

Sacred Pace

$25.00 $11.55

At just thirty-six years old, Terry Looper was a seemingly successful Christian businessman who thought he had it all. However, Looper was overworking himself pushing 60 hours a week with minimal breaks to reach these successes. After months and...

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Trump 2020 Fall Puzzle

$19.95 $3.00

Leaves start changing, football's back, and it's turkey time. Just your typical autumn! It's another entry in the Presidential Puzzle Collection from Patriot Depot! Every single puzzle in this line has sold extremely well, so if you're missing any, be...

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