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A favorite of liberals everywhere, the original COEXIST bumper stickers signify the desire for all religions and philosophies to exist together in harmony.  What is striking is that the same people who call for peaceful coexistence with other religions don't seem to believe in coexistence with the most innocent and vulnerable among us.  What coexistence and harmony is more sacred and important than that between a mother and her unborn child?  A mother's womb should be the safest place a child can ever be, yet in 2008 the abortion rate was 4,111 times higher than the overall national murder rate.  There were 5.4 murders for every 100,000 people in America in 2008.  In the same year, 22,200 out of every 100,000 pregnancies were ended by abortion.  

We believe this is one of the clearest and most effective pro-life messages ever created.  The visual representation of a mother and her unborn child in the womb is not easy to forget.  Make a statement with this sticker that you believe mothers and their unborn children should coexist in harmony together.  

  • 3" x 5"
  • Non-residue
  • Weatherproof/UV protection

Our bumper stickers are made from the finest synthetic (polypropylene or polyester - similar to vinyl, but thinner and stronger) materials. We use automotive-grade color pigments that are heat-fused onto the material, so the image is resistant to weather, carwashes, etc. Our bumper stickers are flexible and easy to apply. Most stickers will last a year or two under normal weather conditions.