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The Western Journal Hat

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If you’re sick of liberal bias, fake news, and the tactics of the mainstream media, The Western Journal is here to offer you an alternative. At The Western Journal, we work hard to put America first. Men and women -- like you -- all across America’s heartland are what make this country great.

When hearing today’s media talk about this country, you never seem to hear a defense of traditional American values. You don’t see a love and respect for the land of the free and the home of the brave. The left-leaning voices booming from their big city buildings don’t speak your language and they sure aren’t rooting for the America you love. Take a stance against the liberal focused media by spreading The Western Journal name with your very own hat!

While mainstream media outlets hide their agenda and bias, at The Western Journal we admit that we are a conservative publication. We state it openly in our editorial standards so there is no confusion about our viewpoint.

Our commitment to America’s traditional values looks like this: We write with a pro-Constitution perspective and support Free Speech and the Second Amendment. We believe our Founding Fathers devised a system that allows for Americans to be the freest people anywhere at any time in history. We are for free markets, small government, and decreased taxes. Socialism -- under any name -- is a failed economic experiment that destroys the very people it claims to protect. We believe life begins at the moment of conception.

We are not ashamed of our conservative perspective and that’s just one of the things that differentiate us from mainstream media. With The Western Journal Hat, you can show your support for our group of dedicated journalists who aren’t afraid to stand up for what we believe in.

Our perspective doesn’t affect our duty to tell the truth and you can be confident in the reliability The Western Journal delivers.

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