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Trump "Make St. Patrick's Day Great Again" Candy Shamrock Mints

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They’ve torn down statues of American heroes. They’ve cancelled Christopher Columbus. How long will it be until the woke zombies come after St. Patrick’s Day? If they knew their history, they’d already be after him! If they knew their history, they’d already be after him!

St. Patrick’s Day has become a worldwide celebration of Irish culture, with special music, parades, dancing, lots of green, and an over indulgence of alcohol. 

While nothing beats a good party, it is important to know who St. Patrick was and why this day has been made into such an important holiday. The true history of St. Patrick reveals a man who rescued his people from the idolatrous grip of paganism and transformed the country into a Christian nation. 

Born to a wealthy Christian family in a remote northern part of the Roman territory of Brittania, Patrick lived during the 4th and 5th centuries. When he was 16, Patrick was attacked and taken captive by invading Irish tribes while curiously attending a druid worship ceremony. His captors took him to Ireland to become a slave. Enduring many hardships, he would eventually return to his home, and find comfort in his Christian Faith. His greatest desire was to return to Ireland to convert the Irish to Christianity. 

Years later, he was given the opportunity to fulfill his dream. He overcame many obstacles, even opposition within the Church in order to fulfill his destiny, and establish Christianity as the religion of Ireland, not pagan rituals and barbaric sacrifices. 

By the time of his death on March 17, 461, he had established monasteries, churches, and schools. This laid the foundation for Ireland to become a modern, civilized Christian nation, and ultimately resulted in his Sainthood.

Many Irish immigrants have come to America over the centuries, bringing their faith and culture to our great land. In honor of St. Patrick, Patriot Depot has created these delicious mint candies! Buy several boxes and regale your friends and family with the inspirational story of St. Patrick on March 17th! 1oz approximately 16 mints per box.

Purchase in 2 packs or 4 packs.


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