Come and Take It / Molon Labe

The classic "Come and Take It" phrase on plenty of Pro-Gun shirts, hats, and novelties.

Easter Egg Wraps 2021

$9.95 $2.50

So simple! Just separate one design from the sleeve, and slip over a hard-boiled egg. Dip the egg with the design on it into boiling water for three seconds and remove! Bam! You've got a perfectly decorated egg ready for Easter, breakfast, vandalizing...

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Snapback Hat Come and Take It Leather Patch 1 All Black Brown Patch Patriot Depot 1
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Come and Take It Leather Patch Cap

$18.95 $4.00

All black snap-back with the classic look of a leather patch: perfect for your style. Dare them to come and take it, while you sleep soundly knowing you're a gun totin' American who don't need no gun control to keep you safe. Also works to keep the sun...

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Molon Labe Blue Glass


More gun control does NOT mean less crime. This is exactly the opposite of what the government wants you to believe. If gun control laws worked, why are violent crimes five times higher in Mexico, a place where there is no Second Amendment. These laws...

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