Preorders and backorders are provided an estimated release date. This date is not guaranteed. It is an estimate provided by the vendor with a few extra days calculated in for any potential delays which could occur.

Please note that unless the shipping option Ship Items As Available is selected, all items will ship upon the availability of backordered/preordered items.

Payment is required at the time of purchase for in-stock and pre-order items.

Please create an account so that you can check on the status of your order. Using Guest Checkout will store/save no information and you will not be able to access your order online. Creating an account allows you to log in, view your submitted orders, check on the status, and track the order once shipped. It will also provide the estimated release dates of preordered/backordered items.

If you have already checked out with Guest Checkout, and thus cannot view your order for estimated release dates, please locate the item on our store to review the most current estimated release date.

Thank you! We look forward to serving you as quickly as possible.