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Beware of Dog Tin Sign

$14.99 $11.99

This is not your typical "Beware of Dog" sign.  Potential intruders will quickly realize that the dog is the least of their worries.  "Beware of Dog. He eats everyone the owner shoots." This sign is only for serious Second Amendment supporters...

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In This Place Tin Sign

$17.99 $14.95

MADE IN AMERICA! People these days get offended at anything and everything you can think of.  But the things considered offensive today are the very things that used to be held up as admirable. The progressives and hippies can be offended all they...

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Obama Birthday Cards

$3.99 $0.59

85% OFF! During this struggling economy, most Americans have had to reassess their spending priorities.  Unnecessary spending on things like eating out, family vacations, and Starbucks visits have been reduced or eliminated from family budgets...

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