Donald Trump Inauguration Commemorative Coin

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January 20, 2017 was an incredible day for America. For the first time in years, we finally had hope for major change in Washington D.C. We weren't just getting another politician in the White House. We were getting a citizen and businessman who couldn't be bought and sold by lobbyists and other politicians. 

In light of the significance of this event, Patriot Depot has commissioned a limited run of 500 Collector's Coins to commemorate that day. The face of the coin features Donald Trump in front of an American flag background, with the words, "Donald Trump ★ 45th President of the United States".

The back of the coin features the White House with the words "Inauguration Day ★ January 20th, 2017" around the design.

Buy several to give as gifts or to keep as collectors items. Your friends and family will all want one when they see yours, but only 500 of these coins exist, so get them now while they're still available!