Double Tap Coffee [4X Caffeine] — 2 POUNDS

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SALE: 2 FULL POUNDS for only $29.95! Normally priced at $19.95 each.

Warning: this coffee is not for the weak-hearted or weak-minded.

You've never had strong coffee until you've tried Double Tap. With more than 4X the caffeine of a standard cup o' joe, this brew will certainly fire you up! Whether you need that extra punch to make it through a long day at work, or maintain your alertness and focus through an all-night patrol looking for bad guys, Double Tap definitely hits the spot.

We source the best specialty-grade beans on Earth to bring you a delicious balance of flavor and strength. Lock and load! And every bag is a full 16-ounce pound — that’s 30% more coffee than most other bags of coffee you buy. So not only do you get more bang for the buck with 4X the caffeine, you also get more bean for the buck!

Not only is this some of the most powerful coffee you'll ever taste, it's also not made by an ultra-liberal company like most other coffee companies. In fact, it's made by fellow conservatives just like you, here in the heart of Georgia.

Note: Because we receive this coffee roasted freshly, we only ship out orders that include coffee once a week.