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Patriot Depot has the perfect gifts for any holiday. 


Gun Handle Mug


To those of us who love guns and our 2nd Amendment rights, the feeling of a gun in the hand evokes many emotions. Security, confidence, happiness, serenity, a sense of invincibility. There's just something satisfying about the feeling of a gun in...

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Flag Cross Lapel Pin

$6.95 $2.50

This beautiful patriotic and religious pin is die struck from jewelers metal, color filled, gold plated and epoxy coated for extra durability. A great way to demonstrate your love of God and country! Each pin includes a standard clutch back and...

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Trump Suit Keychain

$9.45 $2.00

We know how much you loved the Trump Garden Gnome, so we decided to make it fun-sized for you to be able to carry with you all throughout the day. Taking out your keys has never been so patriotic, and cute. Now you don’t have to carry your full...

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