Military Flags

We have the highest respect for the members of our military who have served and are serving our country to protect our liberties, as we’re sure you do, too. 

Show your pride for those who sacrifice everything for the freedoms so many Americans take for granted every day by flying one of these beautiful flags for all to see.

These 3’x5’ flags are made in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania by Valley Forge Flag Co. We’re proud to partner with the family-owned business that has been making quality flags for over 130 years.

Flags available include: U.S. Marines Flag, U.S. Army Flag, U.S. Air Force Flag, and U.S. Coast Guard Flag.

POW/MIA 3'x5' Flag


MADE IN AMERICA! Over the past couple of years, we have seen several flags banned in various circumstances, including the Christian Flag. You would think they would be exhausted by now from being offended so much, but there are at least a few tireless...

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