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Gun Handle Mug


To those of us who love guns and our 2nd Amendment rights, the feeling of a gun in the hand evokes many emotions. Security, confidence, happiness, serenity, a sense of invincibility. There's just something satisfying about the feeling of a gun in your...

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Grenade Mug

$19.95 $14.95

A great way to put a stop to the complaints co-workers love to drop as they walk by your desk.  Next time someone complains to you, tell them to take a number.   12 oz. ceramic coffee mug shaped like a grenade. Hand-washing is recommended...

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Robert E. Lee Mug


The media is telling us that honoring Robert E. Lee is somehow showing support for racism and slavery. But nothing could be further from the truth. General Lee would have harshly condemned the white supremacists in Charlottesville. He called slavery...

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Bulletproof Pint Glass

$26.95 $24.95

MADE IN THE USA! This pint glass is perfect for anyone who wants to feel bulletproof. There's nothing more badass than drinking your favorite beer from a pint glass with a .50 bullet embedded in the side. These individually handcrafted pint glasses are...

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