My War Documentary DVD Series and Book Set

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This documentary will give you insight into topics including:

  • Our Founding Fathers
  • The Constitution
  • What kids are being taught in public schools in America
  • The Myth of Alcoholism
  • Abortion
  • Drug abuse
  • Hollywood and the moral decline of our nation
  • The spiritual heritage and foundation of the United States
  • The lies in the media
  • And last but not least, see The Sons of Liberty (YCRBYCHI) crew being kicked out of schools (even being escorted by police) for speaking on the topics above!

Witness first-hand some of the 350+ high school assembly programs done by Bradlee Dean and his crew, and watch in disbelief as you see an agenda that attacks the truth at all costs and will say or do just about anything to push an illegal agenda on the American people. "My War" not only shows viewers the problems that our nation faces today, but also gives the answers needed in order to take action! The "My War" documentary series empowers and emboldens viewers to stand up and fight, as David did to Goliath, and win the day in Jesus' name! Perfect viewing for all ages, this documentary is a series every household in America needs to have. My War will bring you to the fight, lay out the battle plans and equip you to make a difference.


Want to find out how it all began? Then My War is the right choice for you. My War is a comic book, illustrated by former DC Comics artist Danny Bulanadi, that tells the life story of Bradlee Dean. From birth on up to adulthood, you'll be amazed to hear the awesome testimony of how God took this fatherless child and made him His. Read miracle after miracle of Christ's unfailing love in this colorful, fun to read account of the story of the life of Bradlee Dean. Also included is the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. Don't forget to take the My War Questionnaires from the five-part documentary series as well!

Illustrations by a former DC Comic artist.