Over the Hill Survival Knife

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Some of us are getting to that age commonly known as "over the hill".  They say everything gets harder the older you are, and I'm afraid they're right.  That's why we're selling this handy tool to help you out with life's every day problems and annoyances that come with the wrinkles and gray hair.  Whether you're opening an especially stubborn can of prune juice, or trying to get rid of those difficult-to-reach nose hairs, our Over the Hill Survival Knife has you covered.

  • Key Ring: hang from your belt loop so you won't forget where you put it.
  • Bunion file
  • Corkscrew: drink a toast to your advancing age
  • Pill bottle safety cap opener
  • Tweezers: to pluck gray hairs (if you have any hair left)
  • Toothpick: for when you're too feeble to floss
  • Reading glasses repairer
  • Nose hair clippers
  • Denture scraper
  • Ingrown toenail remover
  • Prune juice can opener