Patriotic Home Decor

This category offers Patriotic Home Decor that upgrades your cozy home into a Patriotic Home. This includes Patriotic Kitchen products, Patriotic Glassware, and 4th of July Decorations.

Freshen up your basic home decor and bring in Patriotic Decor that shows who you are. You are free to create any environment in your house so why not bring freedom into it.  

FYI our American Flag Decor will do that nicely. 


TRUMP 45 Mousepad

$14.95 $6.19

Set it next to your computer, it’s a mouse pad!Put your home on it, it’s a house pad!Throw your laundry on it, it’s a blouse pad!Husband naps on it, it’s a spouse pad!Did it just catch on fire? Time to douse pad!German Santa land...

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