Patriotic Home Decor

This category offers Patriotic Home Decor that upgrades your cozy home into a Patriotic Home. This includes Patriotic Kitchen products, Patriotic Glassware, and 4th of July Decorations.

Freshen up your basic home decor and bring in Patriotic Decor that shows who you are. You are free to create any environment in your house so why not bring freedom into it.  

FYI our American Flag Decor will do that nicely. 


4th of July Egg Wraps

$11.95 $2.00

So simple! Just separate one design from the sleeve, and slip over a hard-boiled egg. Dip the egg with the design on it into boiling water for three seconds and remove! Bam! You've got a perfectly decorated egg ready for July 4th egg tosses, breakfast,...

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