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At Patriot Depot, we are real Americans. We STAND for the Flag. We STAND for the National Anthem. We don't kneel, we honor our great Nation.Here at our patriotic company, it feels like every day is the 4th of July. We hope we can make your every day feel like the 4th of July with our wide offering of patriotic merchandise.

TRUMP 45 Mousepad

$14.95 $6.19

Set it next to your computer, it’s a mouse pad!Put your home on it, it’s a house pad!Throw your laundry on it, it’s a blouse pad!Husband naps on it, it’s a spouse pad!Did it just catch on fire? Time to douse pad!German Santa land...

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Why We STAND Shirt


Respect our country and those who protect it! There’s a reason we salute the flag and stand for the national anthem, though most liberals don’t seem to get it. We stand and salute to show the utmost respect for those who risk their lives...

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