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The media has given enormous amounts of attention and airtime to the so-called "Black Lives Matter" movement over the past few weeks.  But something the media doesn't tell you is that the movement is filled with people calling for the murder of police men and women across the country.  Violence and hatred are central elements of the movement. 

Of course no one condones the instances of actual police brutality, and no doubt it does happen.  In any group or profession, there will be some that abuse their power, and who should be dealt with according to the law.  But that gives no excuse for the blanket hatred and violence directed at the brave men and women who serve every day to protect us and our families.

Why isn't the media talking about the police officers who are injured and killed in the line of duty every week?  Don't their lives matter too?

Maybe it's because the liberal media doesn't care about the actual facts and news.  Maybe it's because they're pushing their own agenda, regardless of what the truth and reality of the situation is.

Please stand with us in honoring the brave men and women who serve in our local police forces across the country, and declare that "Police Lives Matter".  If enough people take a stand, maybe the media will be forced to take notice and start reporting on all of the news, instead of just what fits their liberal agenda.

•3" x 10"
•Weatherproof/UV protection

Our bumper stickers are made from the finest synthetic (polypropylene or polyester — similar to vinyl, but thinner and stronger) materials. We use automotive-grade color pigments that are heat-fused onto the material, so the image is resistant to weather, car washes, etc. Our bumper stickers are flexible and easy to apply. Most stickers will last a year or two under normal weather conditions.