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A coloring book for college bry babies (by Doug Giles)

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This coloring book is dedicated to all the college tinkerpots who've become experts in whining. I hope you like it. I made this coloring book just for you. You know why I created this? Well ... it's because you're special. Bless your heart.

That said, in the event that you would like to cease being fragile daisy, you should also get my best-seller, PU$$IFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male. It'll make a man out of you should you ever desire to move from the warm wet womb of Wussville and into the rough and tumble real world.

Well, that's it from me. God Bless you, little snowflakes. Now, go grab your crayons and run off to your safe-space and go crazy coloring this book! Have fun with it.



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