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DTOM 30mm A-10 Spirit Shot Glass

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Have you ever been taking a shot of your favorite alcohol and thought, "How can I look more badass when I'm drinking?" We've got an answer for you: The Don't Tread On Me 30mm A-10 Spirit Shot Glass.

These shot glasses are sure to be the conversation piece of the party. Why drink from a regular boring glass when you can drink from a work of art like this? 

  • Hand wash only.
  • Anodized and completely safe to drink from.
  • Fired by a real U.S. Military A-10 Warthog, and comes with the certificate of authenticity to prove it.
  • 2.7 oz capacity and stands 3" tall
  • The 30MM rounds are collected from training facilities located in the United States and do not contain depleted uranium.
  • Made in the USA



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