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"How Socialism Works" (Satire) Booklet

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Multiple purposes! We've designed this so that you can really bop your liberal friends when they open this up to read about socialism and find out that all it says is "It doesn't" and the rest is blank.

You can give this to a liberal to make them angry, give it to a conservative to make them laugh, use it as a notebook to keep your ideas in, or leave it out on your coffee table and watch people take the bait!

In case you need some ammunition after your whiny friend starts to tell you that socialism DOES work, here's a few socialist countries for reference:

  • China: Some of the least free citizens in the world.
  • Denmark: Highest taxes in the world.
  • Cambodia: Government killed between 1,600,000 and 1,800,000 of its own citizens over a three-year period.
  • Venezuela: In 2019 sent tanks to run over and kill its own citizens that were protesting against bread lines running dry.

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