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Trump Forever Bumper Sticker

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Thank you, Donald J. Trump, for your continuous work to make a change in our country.

From appointing multiple conservative Supreme Court judges, keeping us safe with updated gun control policies, and the biggest overhaul in three decades on our tax system, putting more money in middle America’s pockets.

Now we all wonder, what will be next for Donald Trump? Could he be hoping to pull a Grover Cleveland in 2024 with non-consecutive terms? Maybe in the future, we could see Trump stumping for Donald Jr. or Ivanka during their own run for President?

Trump did say he’d be back in “any form” which leaves us wondering, what exactly does he mean? How about starring in a Brady Bunch reboot with Melania and their children? (Featuring Bill Clinton as Alice!) Maybe his "any form" comment is a clue that eventually he'll become the first ghost ever to run for President, rocketing up the polls with a snappy slogan like "Roaming the halls and passing through walls, while fighting for liberty and justice for all."

No matter how Trump returns, it will be exciting to see what his future will bring. He has served America well and will be missed. Thank you, Donald Trump, we hope to see you again, in any form.

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