Resurrection of Christ: Hoax or History DVD

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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is either the cruelest hoax or the greatest event in human history. Ever since the sadducees of the first century, skeptics have sought to explain away the Resurrection of Christ. In this faith-building DVD, Brandon Vallorani explores six theories designed by skeptics to dismiss the Resurrection of Christ as a myth. One by one, Brandon exposes the folly of these theories in a way that will build your faith and inspire you to serve a real, living Savior. The evidence presented in this video demands a verdict. History proves that Jesus rose victorious over the grave. Because He lives, we too will live forever. Perfect for a Sunday School class, Bible study group, or family study this DVD will give a clear and concise knowledge of the facts, equipping viewers to refute the skeptics encountered in every day life! 

Theories Refuted:
The "Body Snatcher" Theory
The "Wrong Tomb" Theory
The "Swoon" Theory
The "Legend" Theory
The "Hallucination" Theory
The "Contradictory Gospel Accounts" Theory
About the Presenter:Brandon Vallorani serves as the Executive Vice President of American Vision. His passion is to Defend the Christian Faith against skeptics and help Christians advance the Kingdom of Christ by applying God's Worldview to every aspect of life. Brandon is also the CEO and founder of Tolle Lege Press, Reformation Revolution Ministries, The Patriot Update, and he serves as the CEO of Gary DeMar's Christian-activist organization, Vision to America. Brandon earned his M.B.A. from Thomas More College and his B.F.A. from West Virginia University. He is a member of Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Douglasville, Georgia. He resides in Dallas, Georgia with his wife, Jan, and their six children.

Specifications:DVD 1 video lecture approximate running time 33 minutes
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