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Trump 2020 Hoodie


The liberal media is trying to portray Trump supporters as a "deplorable" minority, but let's stand together and show them how many of us there are. This hoodie sends a clear message that we're still glad we voted for Donald J. Trump last November,...

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Trump 2020 Fall Puzzle

$19.95 $3.00

Leaves start changing, football's back, and it's turkey time. Just your typical autumn! It's another entry in the Presidential Puzzle Collection from Patriot Depot! Every single puzzle in this line has sold extremely well, so if you're missing any, be...

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Uranium One T-Shirt

$19.95 $10.00

What do you do if you're a Clinton who's run out of ways to screw over America? You sell our Uranium to the Russians, generating huge speaking fees, a money laundering operation, and extensive bribery. Forget #StrongerTogether... she should have gone...

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Trump Head Coin Bank

$15.95 $5.00

What better way to handle your spare change than to literally invest IN Trump? What better way to teach young voters-to-be about the benefits of saving money, so they can pay for others’ welfare? Just kidding. We’ll teach them to be strong,...

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