Stand for the Anthem and Flag

We stand for the Anthem, we stand for the Flag.

We take our caps off and put our hands over our heart.

With the Flag representing Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and our basic Human Rights, (as well as many other things, of course), refusing to stand for the Flag is not an act of protest, it is an act of ignorance.

Some say if you stand for the flag while wearing a "Stand for the Flag" t-shirt, you create an overwhelming wave of patriotism. By "some", I mean I'm saying that, right now. Results may vary.

No Fans Left T-Shirt

$19.95 $10.00

If the NFL allows the disrespect of our National Anthem and our veterans, NFL is going to stand for No Fans Left instead of the National Football League. Their numbers are already falling, but let's make them hear the message loud and clear by showing...

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USA Flag Dog Bowl Mat

$18.95 $5.30

If your dog is as patriotic as you are, give them a mat for their food and water bowls that will send their tail whipping through the air at leg-bruising speed and swell their little happy hearts with American pride. In all their excitement, they'll...

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USA Flag Mask

$8.95 $4.95

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. But it has been evaluated by me, and it got me into the grocery store. Tags: Patriotic Face Masks, Facemasks, Face Coverings For Sale, American Flag Face Masks

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