What Big Tech Doesn't Want You To See

Big Tech is looking out for you! They’re concerned for your well-being during these trying times and therefore categorized the U.S. Election as a “Sensitive Event”. Think you can handle ads for our patriotic and conservative products? Think again! Big Tech says you can’t.

For over 3 whole months Big Tech blocked almost all of our top-selling products from being shown on their platforms, including Trump products, veterans’ products, and even a “Made In America” baby bib! (Second page). Apparently nothing jeopardizes the integrity of an election as much as patriotism!

“What was allowed to run”, you ask? Well, Pro-Biden and Anti-Trump product ads, of course! (Check out our blog for proof...)

So, because we don’t care about our patrons or their safety, we put together a whole category of products Big Tech doesn’t want you to own… I mean see! Shop at your own risk! 

Trump Suit Keychain

$9.45 $2.00

We know how much you loved the Trump Garden Gnome, so we decided to make it fun-sized for you to be able to carry with you all throughout the day. Taking out your keys has never been so patriotic, and cute. Now you don’t have to carry your full...

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Trump Spring Puzzle

$19.95 $3.00

When our customers speak, we listen! You love Donald, you love Melania, you love puzzles! Now you can dive in to our entire line of seasonal puzzles! Collect your Spring puzzle right now, and if you missed out on our best-selling winter puzzle, check...

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Trump Christmas Gnome

$29.95 $24.95

Do you remember in 2015 when his campaign was first launching, Donald Trump asserted that we as Americans were going to be saying "Merry Christmas" again? Jesus is the reason for the season, something the liberals in this country can't seem to wrap their...

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Trump 2020 AmeriBear

$24.95 $8.00

Bear measures about 15 inches tall. Complete with black suit, red tie, white undershirt, and red Trump 2020 hat. Side note, if you really like this cuddly guy's cap, get one of your own HERE. This Trump bear won't cost you anything in food bills, he's...

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TRUMP 45 Mousepad

$14.95 $6.19

Set it next to your computer, it’s a mouse pad!Put your home on it, it’s a house pad!Throw your laundry on it, it’s a blouse pad!Husband naps on it, it’s a spouse pad!Did it just catch on fire? Time to douse pad!German Santa land...

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